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About Us


CNC Precision Machines Is an American company established in the city of El Paso, Texas since 1998 where it has its Head Office.We have more than 35 years of experience in the maquiladora industry, mainly in the Automotive, Aerospace and Medical area, which allows us to provide the best service and recommendation regarding your needs in purchasing equipment, tools, parts, consumables and technical service.We have the experience of technical personnel duly trained for any need that our clients require.

We are day to day in very competitive times which strive to be at the forefront of our products and services.

CNC Precision Machines is our objective to give you the best options both in quality and prices of all our products according to your needs.

Mission Statement

Offer the Industrial sector fast, effective solutions and above all offer products of the highest quality in the world in technology.


From the moment we established ourselves as CNC Precision Machines we had the certainty of remaining as a leading, solid, competitive and recognized company in the industry and this has been during our 19 years in the industry.


In CNC Precision Machines We have an excellent technical team trained and with the highest experience in any type of CNC or Conventional machinery.
At the same time, our “Location” is a strategic point to immediately resolve any urgency since we are in the border of the United States with Mexico specifically in El Paso Texas, neighboring city and sister of Cd. Juarez – Chihuahua, Mexico where we also have with an office to serve all our customers in both countries and thanks to this have a quick and effective response to any situation that arises.

We also have a highly trained staff in our central offices, which is always ready to give you information about our products and services immediately.


CNC Precision Machines We are proud to have the highest certified support from our manufacturers to train and give training in any of our equipment and manufacturers that we handle. Our customers can be sure that by making us part of their projects they will be satisfactorily trained to handle the equipment they have acquired with us, as well as having the professional advice of our manufacturers.
CNC Precision Machines We are convinced that the Service after the sale is paramount for our customers as the quality of our products and that is why we always go hand in hand with their projects during the purchase process as after this.
CNC Precision Machines It will always be and give more than 100% so that all our customers are completely satisfied.

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CNC Precision Intl, LLC.
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P.O.Box 971938 El Paso, Texas 79997

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